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Project Background

At the AGM in February 2017 we announced the setting up of the above project.

This is the Kent response to legislation which, broadly, set out that unless a path recorded or is in the process of being put on the definitive map by 2026 it will be lost.

We have all walked on a path which seems to go nowhere, doesnít connect to where we think it should; itís on the ground but not on the map - these are potentially Lost Ways if we donít get them recorded.

Although the project will be managed through the Project Coordinator and make good use of IT, its success entirely depends on VOLUNTEERS doing the field and research work; in effect we would like you to become Ramblers Detectives.

There are a variety of volunteer roles from which to choose and you can choose any combination at any time.

LWR - Lost ways Records Research Volunteer; searching old records in support of a claim, much of this can be done on line.

LWF - Lost Ways Field Research Volunteer; visit candidate route locations, photographing what is on the ground and recording anecdotal evidence from local residents.

LWV - Lost Ways Route Volunteer; this combines the above roles so that you do all the work for that candidate route.

The Kent Project will be formally launched at a workshop during September 2017 to which anyone interested in helping will be invited, during the next few months the definitive maps will be systematically searched for likely candidates so we are in a good position when we launch.

In the meantime get in touch learn more, to register your interest or tell me of a route you think should be included.

Contact Neville Machin      01322864277

It will only work if you VOLUNTEER.

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