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Ten Favourite Walks

Walk 6: Scotney Castle and Bewl Water

The path north of the chicken runs at Combwell Farm has been diverted.  The section of the route AB shown in black has been extinguished and the section CB shown in pink has been created.  When emerging from the wood at point C ("Emerge from..." at bottom of first column of route description) walkers should, instead of continuing forward, turn right and follow the new path between the wood and a fence then cross a short section of field to re-enter the wood at point B.  From here follow the directions in the guide: "Follow yellow waymarks through wood..."


Walk 10: Emmetts Garden and French Street

The most northerly part of the route, shown on the map, goes along a short section of lane.  Although walkers have used the lane without problems for many years, there have been reports of walkers being challenged when doing so.

It is the view of Kent Ramblers that this lane carries a public footpath and that walkers have every right to use it.  Accordingly we have made an application to Kent County Council to have the route added to the definitive map which, if successful, will result in the route being shown on Ordnance Survey Explorer maps as a green dotted line.  Unfortunately applications of this sort take a long time to be dealt with – at least three years before they are even considered.

 We have not heard of any challenges in the last couple of years.  Please let us know if you are challenged.

Guide to the Kent Coast Path: Part 1

Page 67, first paragraph, last sentence.  The Chequers Inn has permanently closed.

Three River Valley Walks in West Kent

Eden Valley Walk

The footpath through Lydens Farm between Edenbridge and Hever has been diverted to avoid the farm buildings which have been converted into residences. Replace the last paragraph on page 42 with the following:

“Shortly after junction with farm track on left, take path through gate in hedge on left (point A on map). Head straight up field parallel to hedge on left. On reaching farm track go through two gates and bear slightly left towards protruding corner at far end of wood on left (point B on map). Bear slightly right, gradually approaching fence alongside railway line. Go through kissing gate on left and either keep right along path parallel to railway line or bear left down to footbridge at Hever station.”

The footbridge mentioned in the third paragraph on page 44 has been removed and will not be replaced. Replace the two sentences beginning “At car park…” with the following:

“At car park (point C on map) turn sharp right up metalled driveway. When grass verge on left widens, bear left onto it and follow, passing left of gateway across drive.”

Guide to Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk

Page 17.  The length of Section 2 is 6.1 miles = 9.7 km.