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Walk 32

Walk 32: Chiddingstone Causeway

Distance: 4.5 Miles (2 Hours)

OS Map: Explorer 147 (Start at grid reference TQ520464)

Click to display larger mapPark in Station Hill on the south side of Penshurst Station (which is at Chiddingstone Causeway, two miles from Penshurst).  Donít park in the station yard as that apparently belongs to the adjacent timber yard who charge £3 per day.  (Or take the train.)

Go down Station Hill towards the station and take a path on the left immediately before the entrance to a timber yard. Follow the edge of one field and cross the next field to a hedge. Turn left and follow the path round the edge of the field to a gateway. Go through this then over a stile by another gate. Soon take a stile on the left and follow the right hand edge of a field. Cross another field, cross the next field towards a footbridge but on approaching it bear right into the corner of the field and cross a smaller footbridge. Bear left to the far corner of the field and a gate into the road near a bridge over the river Eden.

Donít go through the gate but almost double back over the field you have just crossed (almost due north) to a stile in a break in the hedge. Pass the stile and cross another field. When you approach a copse, aim for a gateway at the left hand end. Go through the gateway (it can be muddy here after rain) and climb towards Beckettís Farm. Keep well left of the farm to a stile. Climb the stile and turn sharp right along the hedge and then over another stile into the farm lane. Turn left along the lane, over the railway and on to the road.

Bear left across the road to a path through a wood. On emerging from the wood, bear left to the highest corner of the field. Bear right across the lane to a path that crosses a field to the corner of the hedge around Mountjoy Farm then along hedge (with the farm on your right), through two metal gates and for a short distance between hedges. Go over a stile on the left through a copse and into a field. Follow right hand edge to a footbridge and gates into another field.

Follow the right hand edge of the field briefly, then bear left across the field to a stile. Over the stile, turn right along path through woodland between hedges and into the next field. Follow the left hand edge of this field until it bears left at an oak tree (which should bear a yellow and black waymark) Ė then bear right across the field to a gate into the lane.

Bear right across the lane to a track across two fields to a narrow section of woodland. Go straight through the narrowest part of the woodland to the far side and bear right roughly parallel with the woodland on your right. Cross a two or three fields, passing a converted oast house on your left. When you see another converted oast house ahead, bear left to a stile somewhat to the left of the oast house. Go over the stile onto a track and turn left to the lane.

Turn left along the lane and take an asphalt footpath on the right down to the road at Chiddingstone Causeway. Turn right past the church to the Little Brown Jug public house where you can get refreshments if you are not too muddy.

Cross the road to the station and cross the footbridge back to the car (or catch the train home).

Chiddingstone Causeway

The name suggests proximity to a Roman Road which the nearby settlement named Camp Hill may support.  The village was for two centuries synonymous with the production of quality cricket bats and balls by the Duke family.

About three-quarters of the way along the asphalt path near the end of the walk you pass an old concrete air raid shelter on the right.  This is a relic of a World War II airfield that once occupied this land.

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