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11 August 2017: Footpath Cleared at Tilmanstone

A team from White Cliffs Group today cleared 200 metres of impenetrable undergrowth from a path at Barville Road, Tilmanstone.  We depend on our volunteers to carry out this work and on the subscriptions of our members to fund it.



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20 July 2017: Walkers are Welcome

Cobbler above DoverAre you aware of the Walkers are Welcome scheme?  Towns across Great Britain are awarded Walkers are Welcome status if they meet certain criteria and we have three such towns in Kent: Elham, Deal and Dover.  The Dover team has just revamped its web site and is in the process of producing a new leaflet describing the walking opportunities in the area.  Meanwhile there are a couple of inland walks near Dover on our web site:

Kearsney Abbey and Lydden Temple Ewell Nature Reserve

Kearsney and St Radigund's

For those wanting a coastal walk, all the information you could need, including detailed maps, can be found in our Guide to the Kent Coast Path available from our publications page.

30 June 2017: Stepping Out

Most of us take for granted the simple pleasures in life such as going for a walk.  But, for many people with caring responsibilities, going for a walk to enjoy the physical exercise, the company of fellow walkers and the delights of the Kent countryside is something they can only dream about.

This summer Kent Ramblers and carers' support organisations in East Kent are running a project funded by Sport England to enable carers and some of those they care for to take a much needed break and go for a walk in the company of members of the Ramblers.

The fourth of the series of walks took place on the Isle of Sheppey on 30 June when around 50 people participated.  There is more information about the project here.

21 June 2017: England Coast Path Consultation

It is now over a year since the section of the England Coast Path from Camber to Ramsgate opened in July 2016.  Since then work has been under way to extend the route in an anticlockwise direction.  The route of the next section from Ramsgate to Whitstable has been determined by the Secretary of State but the signage and the works necessary to create a new path along the edge of the North Foreland Golf Course near Kingsgate Castle have not yet begun.

ReculverToday Natural England issued a consultation document on the proposed route of the section from Whitstable to Iwade (where the path will make a detour to go around the coastline of the Isle of Sheppey).  Kentís Coastal Access Officer, Ian Wild, anticipates that this will be one of the trickier sections with a number of issues to be addressed, especially around Faversham.  Consultation closes on 16 August 2017.

Meanwhile Kent Area Secretary, Robert Peel, has started work on the second part of the Areaís guide to the Kent Coast Path which will cover the route from Ramsgate to Gravesend.  He has got as far as Reculver (pictured), site of both a Roman fort and the remains of a 12th Century church whose twin towers have long been a landmark for shipping.  On the way he has passed delightful beaches and limestone coves as well as sea stacks at Botany Bay and the Turner Contemporary art gallery at Margate.  The first part of the guide has sold well, proceeds having covered the printing costs so that sales are now generating profits for the Ramblers.  Copies of the first part are still available from our publications page.


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